Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY 09.

Still a best wishes of Happy Chinese New Year to everybody as the Chinese New Year still not yet finish.I'm back to KL for my new life journey once again after a week of eat,sleep,watch television,house visiting,taking ang pau and so on...Just a word,to have fun.

On the 4th day, we headed to Louise's house for 'pai nin'. We also visited bryant's house and lost 50 there. Great.

Yee Sang.
*May i get a car soon*
genuine thougts for myself

We attacked the food like no body business.
Actually we were quite polite there.

Float makin.

special request.

happy new year.

I spilt my float. and i dunno how did that happen.
Sorry, Ravi.

They forced me to do this.

...... :p

They just have to do it.

happy chinese new year folks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Unlike my previous birthday, I did not plan any party to celebrate my big one eight. Last year was a memorable birthday but It's definitely not easy to set up a party. Loads of time, money, energy and patience needed. For my eighteen, Girl and I had a simple candlelight dinner at the Eden Village. Its great to have her usher in my eighteenth.

hungry man is an angry man.
waiting patiently for the appetizer.

surf n' turf platter
my main course which combines grilled American Lobster and steak.

Marmalade salmon.

I'll remember on my eighteenth, I got my first lobster.

thank you.

Picked Louise, Inez and Amanda for a drink.
Tangarine spring was our first choice. But it was closed.
Then to Quattro, but was full.
Then to KLCC for late night movie, but the movies left were no good ones.
Finally, walked over to Mandarin Oriental's lounge to settle down.

Rich Chocolate Cake.
My slice of birthday cake.
I may not be a cake or chocolate lover.
But this is one good cake.


Birthday wish.
'...i am wishing for a .....'

Then off to Amanda's house.
This is Emo.
I have no idea what is she doing on my crotch.

Emo, You're a really nice puppy, when you do not bark.
We shall have a bonding session soon ok, cuz Im still am a lil afraid wit you.

My first birthday present from babygirl.
Its a bolster.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pajama Party